A Message from our CEO


Let’s talk about it. No more hiding. No more shaming. No more stigma. Mental illness is a reality, and it’s okay. According to Mental Health First Aid, almost half of the adults in the United States will experience a mental illness during their lifetime, and only 41% of those will receive professional help. I don’t think that’s okay.

Furthermore, an analysis of health data revealed that as many as one in six U.S. children between the ages of six and 17 has a treatable mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety problems, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. The key word is “treatable.”

I am passionate about the services we provide at The Village Life Center. From counseling to crisis intervention and community outreach services and more, we are here for you and your family. Let’s stabilize, minimize, and cope with the symptoms. Let’s quit looking at mental illness as a problem we need to be ashamed of and work openly together to live happy, fulfilling lives.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of seeing so many people feel ashamed of being sick and tired. So let’s do this. When we face our challenges together, beautiful things can happen.


Ayanna Carr Brown

Ayanna Carr Brown, Owner and CEO