About TVLC - Louisiana

The therapeutic psychiatric programs at The Village Life Center offers a variety of outpatient therapy and counseling services to children and families affected by mental illness. Our services occur outside of mental institutions and hospital psychiatric units. We help our clients cope with the symptoms of their illnesses, increase their own capacity for independent living, and prevent or limit periods of inpatient treatment.

Our Mission

At The Village Life Center, we are committed to developing a comprehensive continuum of mental health services to assure every individual receives appropriate services and support when needed. Our services are guided by the following standards:

  • We practice recovery principles. 
  • We empower our clients and their families to get involved in the treatment plan.
  • We demonstrate shared responsibility with clients, family, staff, and community. 
  • We recognize and include each individual’s unique strengths, needs, and differences in all aspects of his or her treatment plan.
  • We respect and protect the rights of all individuals. 
  • We encourage the collaboration of all involved parties. 
  • We develop, monitor, and evaluate our services in partnership with our clients and their families.Enter content here.

Our Vision

As a behavioral health agency, The Village Life Center, LLC mental health programs promote and encourage hope, wellness, and recovery to all individuals and families in our community as they embark on their journey to mental wellness.